Business Speed Dating and Internships

This is the final part of the PAL PUSH II project.

Once the group of learners finishes the training, we put them in touch with the labour market.


Business Speed Dating events will be arranged in each country: employers and candidates will meet up and discuss the possibilities for cooperation and employment. The methodology of speed dating will be presented in a short manual with all the necessary templates and then applied at the local level in the multiplier events.

Moreover, 5 of the participants in each country will have the opportunity to be involved in apprenticeship training at local/international companies (using the support of existing European and local programs) with 3 months duration.

The selection of the participants will depend on their performance at the speed dating events.

The aim of the activity is for learners to use obtained skills and apply them during a speed job interview.

As a result of the current task, we expect that 10 employees per country will find jobs or 70 total.

The aim of the current task is to implement effective individual on-the-job training at the local level or international level with the possibility for mix matching among the partners.

The partners will discuss and approve the criteria for the selection of 5 hosting companies at the local and international levels.

The internship will involve 5 learners from each of the countries, making it 35 people in total.

Each apprenticeship process will have 2 months duration.

The objective of the apprenticeship is to apply on-the-job training for those employees/learners that need additional experience and practical learning, each partner will try to ensure local funding for the two months’ work of the learners using national grants, European database on apprenticeship schemes (CEDEFOP), Erasmus for young entrepreneurs’ programme and others.

As a final step, Success Stories Manual will be published. The book will contain 20 success stories created as part of the job speed dating, coaching and apprenticeship procedures of the project.

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