What we want to achieve

The aim of the PAL PUSH II project is to create innovative learning opportunities for social inclusion groups (women, seniors, unemployed, migrants and Romani) using interactive techniques, topics and digital tools with the main objective to boost social integration through employment or entrepreneurship.

The priorities that this project covers, aim to pilot education and training systems that promote employability, upskilling and innovation as well as increase social mobility and equality towards would-be and newly established entrepreneurs and employees from special groups.

In particular, through advanced integrated approaches, which will be characterized by a user-friendly approach and utilization as well as of significant features such as learning outcomes of formal and non-formal learning activities, which will be delivered through blended environments (classroom and e-learning), surrounded by supportive methods (coaching and apprenticeships) & embedded in the digital era (digital literacy supported).

The specific objectives of the project, in line with the selected priorities, are:

  • Improving the entrepreneurial and employability competencies of people planning to run businesses and to start working.
  • Increasing knowledge and skills necessary to establish and manage entrepreneurship or start a job and building both digital and entrepreneurial skills.
  • Delivery of tools to develop digital competence.
  • Favouring the start-up of new enterprises by providing the project results and tools to local training organizations and actor’s orientation/training/assistance and counselling services to the would-be social inclusion entrepreneurs, presenting an entrepreneurial idea to be developed and a specific training path for start-up new entrepreneurs.
  • Favouring the decrease of unemployment in the post-COVID era
  • Fostering the development of stronger cooperation and networking so the entrepreneurs can improve their access to funds, opportunities, clients, partners and suppliers.
  • Improving digital connectivity, stimulating digital innovation and strengthening the environment and digital businesses
  • Improving the growth potential of entrepreneurs from underrepresented groups



How to find a job and start a business: a new educational program to be developed for women, seniors, unemployed, migrants and Romani

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