Employment course

August 5, 2022
Employment course

Welcome to the Employment course within the PAL PUSH II Erasmus+ project.


Are you looking for a job? Have you been out of the labor market for a while and look for ways to restart your career?

This course is for you.

The Employment course we are designing will prepare you to jumpstart your career and offer a variety of digital and soft skills for better employment chances.

The curriculum covers the following areas:

Module 1: Local Labor Market information

Module 2: Introduction to the Labor law

Module 3: Requirements

Module 4: How to assess myself objectively and improve my work points

Module 5: Non-formal skills and how to use them in the reality of life

Module 6: Intercultural knowledge

Module 7: Avoiding scams

Module 8: Ethics of Communication

Module 9: How to find a job online

Module 10: How to gain experience

Duration of the course: 40 hours

In each of the project countries, the course will be available for 30 people.

If you wish to participate in the course, please contact the representatives of the project in your country.

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